Saturday, October 23, 2004

I agree with graydon, dave, and byron

well, it has been a while, but here it is....

after many long days of planning and making sure these events would happen, the I agree with campaigns are finally upon us. the tshirts have arrived, the posters are now up, and the campuses are a buzz!

and many people hate it!

its funny, i knew that many people on campus would not like a bunch of posters and banners,etc, asking them if they agree or dont agree with a Christians beleifs, but some of the responses still surprise me.

Like so many people attacking byron and graydon and dave personally. that shows a real lack of maturity. i mean just because you dont agree with someone doesnt mean you attack them personally. this is how many wars started in the past. and it is funny, because this is the exact thing these same people are accusing CCC of.... not respecting other peoples beliefs!

the whole idea of the campaign is to get people on campus to decide whether or not they agree with a Christian's (dave, graydon, or byron) beliefs. from there, we hope to start discussion on campus about it. but unfortuanatly, the same people who are accusing us of not respecting other peoples personal opinions are making personal attacks at graydon, dave and byron.

its sad to me that people just dont see that they think they are fighting for religious tolerence, when in reality they are fighting for, "people can beleive what they want, unless it is Christian".

for me this is both discouraging and encouraging. it is discouraging, because it makes it so hard to talk with people who have so many pre-concieved notions about what Christianity is, and wont give it a fair hearing. It is encouraging though, in the sense that Jesus himself said that this sort of stuff would happen. "All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved" Mark 13:13. so while all these Graydon, dave and Byron haters are trying to prove a point.. they are... they are proving that what Jesus said is true, and ironically proving the exact thing they are fighting against!!!

God is so cool when he does stuff like that. Using something that people meant for evil for good.

I love it!